Civil law

Contracts and legal obligations

Individual rights, family law and inheritance

Civil liability and medical liability

Employment law

Corporate Law

Business consultancy in its main phases: formation, management, development of mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, spin-offs, disposals

Disputes (liability of management and control bodies)

Insolvency proceedings (bankruptcies and compositions)

Tax advice

Available for individuals, businesses, institutions and companies with the aim of providing assistance for tax audits, mergers (or demergers), liquidation, acquisition or sale of shares, relations with foreign countries, corporate taxation and cases of tax litigation

Criminal law

“White collar” crimes: crimes related to the world of finance, commerce and, more generally, trade: fraud, money laundering, corruption; fraud in public disbursements, auction disturbances; aggravated fraud for the obtainment of European or State funds .
Environmental crimes: crimes committed by directors and managers of manufacturing companies, refineries and oil installations, for violation of environmental protection regulations (pollution of water, land, sky).
The studio has been collaborating for more than thirty years with the best engineers and technicians to aid in their defence.
Health liability for personal injury or death of the patient, the so-called “malpractice”, or incorrect health practice. The firm has been collaborating or over thirty years with the best forensic doctors and specialists to aid their defence.

Corporate Criminal Law

Corporate crimes

Crimes of false corporate communications (so-called false financial statements)

Illegal distribution of profits and reserves

Fictitious formation of capital

Simple and fraudulent bankruptcy offences.

Criminal tax law

Responsabilità penale conseguente all’imposizione e riscossione dei tributi; omesso versamento di Irpef, Iva , ritenute, e tributi vari.



For half a century we have been dealing with civil law, defending citizens according to justice and ethics.

Emerging Companies

We offer concrete solutions to the delicate needs of newly established companies.

Small and Medium Business

Our main customers are small and medium-sized companies with between 15 to 250 employees.

Large Enterprise

We have always assisted managers of larger companies to carry out their management activities.

Organisations and Associations

We have always supported trade associations and acted in the interest of their members.